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Why would it need to be changed?

The oil in your car does basically 3 things:

  • Lubricates: This is the obvious one. It lubricates by keeping metal riding on a thin film. That prevents metal parts from touching. If metal parts actually touched, they would seize pretty quick.
  • Cools: Oil pulls heat away from the moving parts of the engine. That is why some cars have an oil cooler. It also reduces friction, that keeps parts cooler.
  • Cleans: Engine oil is responsible for moving debris from the engine crankcase and oil galleys. It is also built with detergent packs to keep those moving parts clean.

The longer the oil is in your engine, the less it will do its 3 main jobs. Oil, will break down over time and lose it lubricating properties. As it loses it’s lubricating properties, it will not cool as effectively or clean like it should.

Using a good quality oil filter will help keep your oil clean. We always change the oil filter when changing the oil.

How to check the fluid

Checking the level of your oil is pretty easy. Just make sure that your car is on a level surface.  With the engine off and cool, remove the dipstick and ensure the oil level is at the “full” mark.

How is the fluid replaced?

Nothing really fancy here. Just shut off the engine and pull the plug. It really is that simple.

So do I really need it?

100% yes! Changing engine oil and filter is one of the most important things you can do for your car. We have replaced numerous engines due to lack of proper oil changes.

All of this makes a great case for keeping good records. We can look at all the services that a customer has done and we keep records of each service performed at our stores.