Chassis Lubrication

An automotive vehicle chassis includes the undercarriage parts of the vehicle that carry the weight of the vehicle, allow it to flex and the components necessary for turning. This includes mountings for suspension springs, shocks or struts and steering arms.

Lithium Grease Lubricates and Protects

Most chassis components rely on a heavy-duty lithium grease applied internally that both lubricates between moving chassis parts to minimize wear and seals the joint against moisture contamination. Grease fittings (zerk fittings) are one-way fittings that allow a service technician to force the heavy-duty lithium grease into the flexible joint using a grease gun.

Drive Shaft U-Joints

Drive shaft u-joints (universal joints) may also have grease fittings and although technically not part of the suspension system, drive shaft u-joints should be lubricated when the vehicle chassis is lubricated.

Sealed Chassis

Some vehicle models feature a sealed chassis with Teflon coated joints and do not require lubrication.

Chassis Lubrication is included with every Car Car Clinic 28-Point Full Service Oil Change.