The Easy Way to Maintain Your Vehicle Warranty

Every once-in-a-while, we hear from a customer who’s been led to believe that maintenance services must be performed by a dealership to maintain a vehicle’s warranty. That’s simply not true.

You can maintain your warranty with oil changes and other preventive maintenance at your local Car Care Clinic Jet Lube.

In fact, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act expressly prohibits manufacturers from requiring that consumers purchase products or services from a specific company to meet warranty requirements.

Car Care Clinic offers a wide variety of quick, convenient and thorough maintenance services, all of which meet vehicle manufacturer warranty requirements. Plus, we offer the same benefit of appointments as well as simply dropping in when it’s convenient.

So, when it’s time for an Automatic Transmission Flush, Cooling System Flush, Gearbox Fluid Service, Oil Change or other preventive maintenance, trust your vehicle to Car Care Clinic Jet Lube.

When you visit, our ASE-trained technicians will explain your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended service intervals to help you make educated decisions about service for your vehicle – and keep that warranty in tact.

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