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Every car owner should get to know a technician they can trust.  These are the people who know that trust is a vital component of the automotive maintenance and repair business.  Trust, along with quality, timely and affordable work is vital to building repeat business for their service center. It’s what we strive for every day at Car Care Clinic Jet Lube.

So what do you ask your technician?

The kind of technician you want working on your car will have no problem taking the time to answer all your questions.  So don’t be shy.

*Before you do any work, can I get all of the costs in writing?
It’s very important that you get everything in writing.

*What payment policies and guarantees do you offer?
Make sure that you clearly understand our policies.  And most important, make sure you get everything in writing and keep the receipts and other documentation!

So now I have a technician I can trust. What do I do if something is wrong with my vehicle?

Get out a pen and paper and write down these specific things that can help your mechanic pinpoint your problem.

Write down:

  • When the problem started.
  • When the problem occurs (when braking, or when you turn, etc).
  • If there were previous repairs done to correct the problem.
  • If the car is making a strange noise, try to record the noise, and jot down when the noise occurs.
  • If there is fluid under the car. If so what color and where under the car?
  • Are any of the light gauges flashing or on?
  • Any other details can help. So write everything down.

Then talk to the mechanic that will be fixing your vehicle. Ask his opinion and come to an agreement.

And then get everything in writing:

  • Work orders
  • Parts prices
  • Labor rates
  • Warranty information