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Alternator Service & Replacement

The Alternator…

Provides the electrical needs of the vehicle while it is running and keeps the battery properly charged.

Symptoms of a malfunctioning alternator/generator:

  • Slow cranking condition after vehicle has been in operation
  • Vehicle’s charge light remains on while in operation
  • Stalled or ‘dead’ engine
  • Poor electrical accessory (lights, wipers, etc.) operation at low speeds
    Note: It is recommended that prior to replacing an alternator, we complete a complete electrical systems check

Replacing the Alternator will…

Provide quicker starting, longer battery life and help prevent a no crank condition.

Service typically includes…

Removing the old alternator and inspecting alternator mounting bracket and hardware. Then we install your new alternator and alternator belt and check for proper alignment and tension. We then test it for proper operation.