Signs that your Heater is Failing

With the outside temperatures steadily dropping, the daily commute to school and work can be a little hazardous.

Not only are the road conditions tricky but, the parts and pieces of your car might not be working properly.

One of the most important parts of your car in the winter season is the heating system. While a malfunctioning heating system won’t impede the car from driving, it will make your drive very uncomfortable as the temperature inside of your car will be the same as it is outside.

Inside of your car’s coolant system is a small radiator called the heating core. This is the part of your car that allows your heating and defrosting system to function. If there is anything wrong with your heating core, the heater will not work.

So, since the heating core is inside of the coolant system, how will you know that there is a problem? Well, for one, the heater will stop working. But, that is an ‘after the fact’ symptom. Here are some things to be aware of that will signal that the heating core is having trouble. This way you can get it serviced and fixed before anything major happens:

1. Fog inside? If you are driving your car and suddenly the inside windows and windshield fog up with moisture, take note. This is not the typical little bit of fog around the edges or the bottom either. This is all windows, all over kind of fog.

2. Your car smells sweet. If you get into your car or you are driving and notice that the cabin of your car smells sweet for no reason, this is probably radiator fluid leaking and a clear sign that you have a leak. You might even smell this sweet stench around the car when you are getting into the car or loading items into the trunk.

3. Your coolant seems to be disappearing. If you notice that your car is showing the light for coolant more often than it used to, this might mean that there is a leak and the heating core is going out. If the passenger side floor of your car is soaking wet for no reason – take your car in for service because this is a clear sign that the heating core has gone out.

Keeping your car well-maintained during the winter months is essential to getting where you need to go safely. Tire pressure, windshield wipers, and heating system are all important parts to keep an eye on. Follow your car’s scheduled maintenance plan and keep the fluids topped off.

If you think your heater isn’t doing all it should, bring your vehicle into one of our locations right away.